Wednesday Weigh-in – 1/22/14

I know, I know, I’m more than a little late with this post, I had a personal trauma that I let get to me more than it should have and then shut down completely for a few days while I wallowed in a Sinus Migraine. I’m out the other side but I am a little battered and bruised.

This week was rough, I have been fighting a skin infection for a few months now and was told by the doctor that we should do a 2nd round of the antibiotics and steroids, back to back to really kick this thing in the butt. I say great! 10 more days of gut issues and overeating from the steroids – that sounds perfect! So I dove headfirst down the rabbit hole and found bottom Tuesday evening, after a disappointing follow up doctors apt and the start of a migraine, I found solace in a Chipotle burrito bowl – and chips, lots and lots of chips. Unfortunately the scale did not appreciate nor care about my depression or discomfort of the last week and I was back up 2 pounds from last week.

Today I am back at work and back on the wagon, gently reminding myself that this is not just something I’m doing to be healthy, that really should be enough but the $320 prize to the winner of the family competition could go a long way to a new spring purse! So today is starting fresh and re-evaluating my situation.

– The steroids only did so much with my weight gain, those cheese its I was snacking on when I came home from work probably didn’t help either.
– I am a total emotional eater and while I don’t think that is going to change anytime soon – I really need to find a healthier alternative to salt that still tastes like salt
– I have not been getting up in the morning to exercise, nor have the dogs been walked well in the evening

So what does this mean? this means it’s back to the basics this week- no cheating, no excuses, no really no excuses, I really want to win that extra money and more than that I really want to be smaller by the summer – I’m so tired of hiding behind this weight and having it used as an excuse, especially by me.

I hope next week you will all find me in a better state of mind, and with some pictures – I’m terrified to do them but I thought at the one month mark I should make the extra effort.

Until then


1 Comment

  1. Project Sexy Cookie says:

    You’re recognizing your behavior. That’s good. Take advantage of your awareness. Kudos to not getting too down on yourself. There’s always next week 🙂


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