Sunday Dinner

Happy Sunday to all, here’s a throwback from my previous blog, enjoy!

I’ve realized recently that the Sunday Dinner Meal either late afternoon or early evening is an important tradition that I like keeping in my family. Although I do have to say to my loving daughters this week it was missed for more “interesting” endeavors, but, as soon as you got home there were plates made and food reheated to partake in the more thoughtful meal. And by thoughtful I mean time consuming, Sunday dinners tend to be more intricate just because I have the time to make them. A roasted chicken dinner with all the fixings is almost unheard of during the week, with the short hours returning from work and before going to bed, but Sundays, all bets are off, we get home from church and after a short rest there’s a long afternoon to slow cook my way into food ecstasy.
This last Sunday was no different, there’s something about hitting the farmers market on Saturday morning, or the weekly romp down to Trader Joe’s with their fresh produce that get my creative juices flowing for fresh light meals, incorporating the veggies and fruits of the spring and summer, and when I have a little extra time to put some love into the dish the really great flavors of the food stand out better than I expect. Now I know that Fried Chicken is not at the top of the list of healthy meals, but, I think there has to be a balance between healthy and tasty and sometimes they fall into the same category, sometimes not, and when I feel like having fried chicken I want it fried, not in an oven, not with a little oil and some flavorless covering, really coated, battered and fried in a skillet, the fact that it usually takes at least an hour for that process to occur on it’s on, not including the accoutrements makes it a meal less often had and every once in a while a good old fatty main dish meal is a good thing. Remember that dear girls, in this era of light and low fat pre-packaged fast food grayness, a home cooked meal either healthy or not has to be better for you than some processed meat by-product you pick up anywhere else.
So to make a long story longer, Sunday dinner – Fried food and all is still a good thing to have with your family sitting around the table that we had to clear off from the weekly clutter and weekend projects, make sure when you forage out on your own to make that a tradition of your own, either coming home like we used to do going to grandma and grandpas, or have your family over – Lord that I live to see the day! Just remember that food made with love always tastes better when shared with the ones you love.


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