Wednesday Weigh in – 1/15/14

Weigh in day and I was a little nervous about it – I have been battling a minor skin infection and was put on antibiotics and steroids last week by my doctor. I knew immediately that I could kiss this week off in the the weight loss deparatment, as soon as I start on them I retain water like a camel during a desert crossing. With that in mind, I fell into the old habit of watching TV and snacking at night, my husband likes cheese its in his lunch and I’ve found that they don’t give me heartburn as bad as they used to – bad combo for me!

So did I fall into the deep pit of despair and self pity that I normally do? Actually no I did not, I knew it was going to be a rough week with the drugs – the antibiotics tend to do a number on my stomach – so I counterbalanced with more soups and “kinder to the tummy” type foods. This apparently gave me enough leeway to be able to “binge” my 50 crackers, eaten really, really, slowly in the evening and offset some of the water retention. And with that I ended off the week on a high note, down another 1.8 pounds! Now I do not want to mistake this with total victory – this was a blind fluke not the cunning and cold calculations of a mastermind (insert sinister laugh). I am back in the saddle today with good healthy food that will keep me full all day long. We have finished off the cheese-it allotment in the house and I told Steve last night that until I was in a better place with my eating habits he would need to keep his snacks in his work truck.

This week I’ve started a few goals in map my fitness – one is to reach 50 miles of walking by the end of 6 weeks, it may seem small but it’s actual purposeful walking – like my lunch break and the dogs in the evenings – not wandering about. OK that still might seem small to some but you have to remember I’ve been sedentary for almost a year – baby steps. As I said I have started walking at lunch – currently it’s just over a mile in 25 minutes, I love this route it’s the 4 floors of my office wing and the 4 floors of the south wing. I’m hoping to loop another floor in next week, but for the mean time this is the perfect after lunch pick me up I need.

Lastly on a family note – I was 7th out of 23 last week in the standings. I’ll try to update for this week as soon as I can – my cousin can be slow at times with the information. I would have been a little higher had it not been for my cousin and uncle – they decided to quit drinking beer and they both lost over 10 pounds in a week. I’m hoping to move up a little this week but would be happy staying in the top 10 with the effort I put in this week. total loss to date: 7.5 pounds.

Good luck to you all this week! how is your journey going?


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